Sam Walker
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100 Mile House

Created for a design workshop led by Lucas Alm

This small home was designed to take advantage of locally-sourced materials and minimize ecological impact in a practicable way. The cladding and roofing are untreated pine shakes, and the frame is a staggered-stud system with 12" of blown-in cellulose insulation, informed by the German Passivhaus standard for ultra-efficient climate control. The windows are carefully planned to allow use of all spaces without artificial light during the day while maintaining the efficient insulation, and the central feature of the home is a sun space, constructed of salvaged windows, which runs the entire length of the south façade. This space is used for controlled passive solar heating in the winter months, and also serves as a growing room to encourage self-sufficiency, a transitionary zone between in and out, and a surrogate outdoor space for the cold months of the Minnesota climate.