Sam Walker


These are selections from my sketchbooks, mostly process drawings of various incomplete projects.

Voices of the Wind

An elevated, short-term-inhabitation rustic shelter. Simple campfire convection heat, steel frame, cloth and wood shelter with primitive plumbing. An exploration of a lifestyle which relies on the same systems as primitive living, but with some of the benefits of modern spatial concepts.

Reed House

Skeleton House

Preliminary drawings for a home with sea­sonally removable insulation panels, which open the main living spaces to the outdoors in the temperate part of the year.

Assorted Sketches, 2010


A solar-powered television appliance with a limited play capacity and 24-hour recharge cycle, Lens is intended to make one conscious of the energy costs of their recreation and thus more appreciative of and considerate of how they spend their time with the device. The lightweight flat panel display and form factor allow one to conveniently move the set in front of a window for charging. Includes an E-ink sub-display for low-power browsing of media and passive display of networked information such as headlines.

Tower No. 1

Bare Lamp

Design for a simple, ergonomic, switched lamp.

Mississippi Riverboat


Earthen Basement

Sketch for a Mural